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This method can be used to fetch attributes from a recordset just returned from sync_fetch and it should be faster then dob_by_index method, because it doesn't need to create full dob in memory, but only specified attributes. It can be called in Spell Code using send_wait method.


<source lang="javascript"> void send_wait (int timeout, object recordset, "attrs_by_index", int start_index, int end_index, "DEFAULT", int attrs_num [, var attrs]) </source>

  • timeout - how long (?in seconds?) should the method wait for finishing the method (0 means infinite)
  • recordset - object returned from sync_fetch method
  • start_index - from which index do you want to iterate? Must by between 0 and item_count-1
  • end_index - to which index do you want to iterate? Must by between 0 and item_count-1
  • attrs_num - number of following attributes
  • attributes - each attribute of fetched object you want to return should be passed its name as a string here


On success the resulted list is filled into a global array msg as follows:

  • msg[0] - SD system attribute used for enumeration (NEXT, LAST or EOF can be here)
  • msg[1] - item Persistent ID
  • msg[2] - empty?
  • msg[3] - index in the recordset
  • msg[4] - number of returned attributes (should be same as attrs_num)
  • msg[5] - value of the first asked attribute
  • msg[6] - value of the second asked attribute
  • ...