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What Servicedesk Sees Is What You Get This is a small tool developed by Nero Le Velu to see what USD see from the object point of view

Download ListObj.frg to your server.

Command Structure

<source lang="text">bop_cmd -f ListObj.frg "ShowObjectDomset( object, where filter, DottedAttribute1, DottedAttribute2, DottedAttribute3, etc... )"</source>

object is the USD object name (ex: cr, in, wf, ...)
where filter is a logical constraint on object attribute (ex: last_name='Neron')
DottedAttribute1, DottedAttribute2,... are the return values (ex:


<source lang="text">bop_cmd -f ListObj.frg "ShowObjectDomset( 'cr', 'id>2', 'ref_num', 'customer.combo_name')" bop_cmd -f ListObj.frg "ShowObjectDomset( 'chg, 'description LIKE \'%test%\, 'chg_ref_num', 'category.sym')" bop_cmd -f ListObj.frg "ShowObjectDomset( 'wf', 'status == \'PEND\', 'chg.chg_ref_num')"</source>