Triggering Reaction

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This article shows how items passed through a trigger can be queried from the script.


Lets assume we have already added a Site-Defined Trigger to call zMyScript and pass the Assignee value.

Example:<source lang="javascript">POST_VALIDATE zMyScript(assignee) 111 FILTER(EVENT("UPDATE"));</source>Lets focus only on the zMyScript(assignee) portion.

Three items of information regarding the assignee are passed from the trigger to the script.
[1] is the original state value before editing began.
[2] is the last known value when the trigger was initiated.
[3] is the new value that is expected to be saved.

We can then query item [1], [2], or [3] in our script as needed.

Example: <source lang="javascript">cr::zMyScript(...){

 if( is_null( argv[3]){
   set_error( 1);
   set_return_data( "Assignee needs to be filled.");