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This is the most tricky function and it is the main reason of difficulty of reading SPELL code. It is used for calling methods on objects. On every SD object (ie. cr, chg, alg...) are defined methods and using send_wait function you can call them. Definitions of some of them are in *.maj files in $NX_ROOT/bopcfg/majic folder.


void send_wait (int timeout, object top_object, string method, [ var parameters… ])

  • timeout - how long (in seconds) should the method wait for finishing the method (0 means infinite). A timeout mean time after which the function is considering as failure, returning to caller with error and no result. Nearly every time the 0 is used.
  • top_object - root object for the method (on which the method is called)
  • method - name of the called method
  • parameters - variable number of parameters based on the called method


Function doesn't return value, but methods usually fill global msg array with return values. What values are on what positions depends on the called method.

Available methods

Defined on current (TOP) object
These methods are defined on all objects (maybe)
Defined on CR object
Defined on CHG object