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Can I put my employer information in wiki articles that I author?

While we appreciate everyone's contribution to the community, SDU would like to keep solicitations to specific areas, such as the banner, the sponsors area, and the Yellow Pages. These areas are available to all legitimate service providers at a nominal cost. We do permit you to put your company name and your position in the signature of your profile. If your employer is a paid advertiser you can include a link to your employer's SDU wiki page as well. Additionally, every member has a "User" page in the wiki and is free to put employment affiliation there as well. Restricting advertising to these areas reduces clutter, keeps order, and makes it easier to edit in the event your employment situation were to change.

Do I have permissions to edit existing wiki articles?

Yes. With the exception of a few pages, such as Home, all pages in the wiki can be updated by any SDU member. The purpose of the wiki is to empower everyone to contribute to the library of knowledge.

How do I contribute to the wiki?

There are several different approaches to contributing to the wiki.

  1. To correct an error or add content to an existing article, simply click the edit tab at the top of the article.
  2. To provide a wanted page, click on any link in red text - OR - view the Wanted Pages to see a listing of all wanted pages.
  3. To start a new page add a link in an existing page using syntax similar to [[Service Desk]]. Click on your newly created link and begin adding your content.

I created an SDU account but never received a validation email. What should I do?

Part of the new account creation process is to receive a validation email from SDU. However, there are many points of failure between SDU and your email system. Usually, if the validation email is not received it was intercepted by spam filtering software or removed by mail client rules. But if you have not received your confirmation email shortly after creating a new account, send an email to Be sure to let us know what username you created and the email address you used.

Is SDU an upgrade of another site?

No. There is no direct association between SDU and any other site.

Is there an advanced search functionality on SDU?

Yes and No. The wiki side of the website does not have an advanced search, but the forum side does. The following URL will give you access to the advanced search functionality: The advanced search can also be access by clicking the Advanced link in the form search box when viewing the Forum side of the website.

What is the Wiki Article Discussion forum?

The Wiki Article Discussion forum is associated with the 'discussion' tab found at the top of most wiki articles. If you would like to discuss a particular wiki article, simply select the discussion tab and post your question.

Who do I contact if I have questions, concerns, or feedback about SDU?

Send an email to