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string format(string expression, ... variables);

Escape Characters
Character Description
 %% percent sign
%f float
 %d int
 %s string

Example <source lang="text">format("Change number is %s", chg_ref_num); format("Change number is %s and description is %s", chg_ref_num, description);</source>

Formatting a UUID as a string

r11.x introduced a new data type known as the UUID which replaced the old integer ID in many areas, most notably with regards to Contacts. This change complicated the printing of the id which previously required only a %d. But since the UUID is not an integer, the %s is now the best solution.

Examples<source lang="text">string MyResult; MyResult = format( "The uuid of %s is : %s), assignee.userid, (string);

MyResult = format("&{U'%s'>combo_name}", (string);

MyResult = format("&{>combo_name}", (string);</source>